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I write this blog for many a reason and one of them is –  I really lost myself into the world of stars and planets. And somehow a thought always poked my mind ( Hopefully all yours also ) that amongst those billion x billions x trillions x more x more and more stars and galaxy’s there should be a traffic system – A system of flying — And that is why the appearance of this subject – In the name of UFO came in channel of action.

Believe me friends –  it’s a world of sheer unknown feeling –  Of watching a world where you can start counting but never ever you will be finish your counting – I bet our science, our knowledge our intelligence will never be able to judge it – Our  knowledge of science could start it but couldn’t be able to finish it.

Listen carefully  – When ?  Can we be sure to start a subject without knowing when and where to finish ? Stargazing is such a subject where you will find yourself just LOST in that infinite feeling, a feeling will eat your mind that how small you are in front of this huge infinity and certainly a feeling of query will pump your mind – There must be a way of travelling from here to there or there to there 🙂 Thus all the question arises in our mind in the name of inter planetary travelling system – Thus the so called UFO PHENOMENA comes.

But before going further into this phenomena, I am requesting you  all to go through this beautiful breathtaking you tube video – What is that world of Space, Galaxy, Milky ways, Starry nights, Meteors . I hope you all will like it ( Love it ) and share your experience 🙂

Part – 1


Part – 2


Source :- https://www.youtube.com/
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