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About Billy Meier :- He told every one of us that he joined the French foreign Legion in his young teen days and he lost his left hand in a terrible accident ( Bus accident which happened in Turkey ). But he returned to his homeland in the year of 1965. After an year of so in 1966 he also married a Greek woman ( Kalliope Zafiriou ) and became father of three children.

He called the ufo’s in his own term – ” The Beamship ” better known by him the¬†Plejaren . He also told us that those¬†Plejaren allowed him to take photograph of their spaceship to make us believe that they visited the earth people ( us ) and continues – still now – Just to prove that nothing was/is ¬†hoax or pre -planned . He produced these picture and challenged to examine –


He even was in India and alleged this photograph Рhe took Рwhile at New Delhi on 3rd july, 1964  at  India  !

Picture source :-
He started publishing these ¬†picture from the year 1970’s and thus he became famous as his photographs being published in major news papers and journals …. ( To be continued )

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