The Birth of the name ” Flying Saucer ” in UFO History.

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Though it has been observed and reported throughout the centuries the first of it's kind described as flying saucers was an incident reported by a businessman cum salesman Mr. Kenneth Arnold who was also an experienced pilot with licence. While in search for a C-46 Marine transport plane which crashed in the remote area of Cascade [...]

Year 1976 – A sighting that took place at portuguese west coast .

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A British Airways Trident was flying towards Faro,Portugal from London with nearly 100 passengers onboard along with the Captain Denis Wood, 42 with First Officer Collin Thomas, 38 on a return flight and they all experienced their lifetime wonder as they all saw an unidentified flying machine  ( not a single one but another two also [...]


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Dear friends Today I am going to share some strange ancient proof of UFOs from Indian History Research as nearly far back 4000 BC. As history proved that as Vedas, Ramayana,Mahabharata tells us about their (UFOs) presence. As we all know that one of the richest language on earth is the Sanskrit Language and it also [...]