Though it has been observed and reported throughout the centuries the first of it’s kind described as flying saucers was an incident reported by a businessman cum salesman Mr. Kenneth Arnold who was also an experienced pilot with licence. While in search for a C-46 Marine transport plane which crashed in the remote area of Cascade mountains. He started from Chehalis Airport, Washington state in search of that crashed C-46 on June 24,1947.

While circling that remote unreachable area of Cascade Mountain, Certainly he saw some flashing of light from his planes left hand side vicinity. According to his saying ” I observed,far to my left and to the north , a formation of nine very bright objects coming from vicinity of Mount. Baker, Flying very close to the mountains toss and traveling with tremendous speed,he said. ‘I could see no tails on them and would if you skipped it across the water’ And in the next morning a newspaper first used that term ‘ Flying Saucer’ for the first time and Mr. Arnold got his place in the history of UFO’s for ever.

Since then we came to know many a stories and incidents about flying Saucers and it has been a never ending phenomena of UFO’s.

Some were real incidents with truthfulness with all the proofs and points whereas some dishonest fame crazy people wanted to subscribe their name in the history page of UFO phenomena by some false and wrong statement to prove their point that – They encountered in real with the most controversial issue of the century – They encountered those aliens from another world as total HOAX, But those cannot be taken as proof to prove that phenomena of unidentified flying objects are complete package of hoax. Our planet has been visited by those super alien beings from the stone ages to recent time and many a proofs are lying in front of us through our ancient writings to modern age cameras and videos. And thus a whole new chapter of our recent times wonder – The wonders of UFO’s took it’s stride .