A British Airways Trident was flying towards Faro,Portugal from London with nearly 100 passengers onboard along with the Captain Denis Wood, 42 with First Officer Collin Thomas, 38 on a return flight and they all experienced their lifetime wonder as they all saw an unidentified flying machine  ( not a single one but another two also , UFO ).

Earlier The Captain was informed by the air traffic controllers that an ufo was spotted there and to enquire about that. Captain Wood in reply after after scanning the sky told them that what he has been watching is surely not from our world ( Human made )  and it’s neither a weather balloon or any other star and to prove his standing he invited all the 100 passengers to experience that phenomena and right at that moment two more objects joined that huge Cigar shaped flying machine and it appeared to all that they are not from our planet – it’s from unknown – beyond our knowledge. As per the version of First Officer Colin Thomas – those three alien craft  could be seen at that night as  clear as possible by all the on board passengers and them. As far his statement concerned  First Officer agreed that he never  saw something like that in his nearly 19 years of  flying experience including the flying service in British Airways also.

On the return flight from Portugal to London All the crew member saw that same object at the same place where they saw earlier night like the size of a huge battleship . But the Science Research Council of London later made an announcement That so called UFO was nothing but a giant research balloon as it was traveling from Sicily  to America – What an explanation  🙂

Dear Friends  This is and was the way we all were and are denied by time after time – But the fact is that you just cannot hide the reality-the truth for ever. It will come out as clear as daylight to seal our experience .

I will come to you with thousands of sightings and incidents  that convinced us more than 100% that WE ARE NOT ALONE – SOME ARE OUT IN THERE – MUCH SUPERIOR – MUCH ADVANCED THAN OUR HUMAN TECHNOLOGY – MAYBE BEYOND OUR KNOWLEDGE.

Stay Blessed